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TVlanka is privately owned and operated. It was first established in 2001 in Sydney and continues to be operated by the same owner. During the early days we also operate under the name of The site is now operated from two locations, Sydney, and Tokyo.

We operate three dedicated servers for our website. This means we do not piggy back onto shared servers or free servers like so many other websites. Also we do not use virtual servers. Our current hit rate is far too large for these methods to be used. Further the sheer size of the website cannot be accommodated on a virtual server.

Our servers are highly reliable and the downtime is less than 0.001%. The quality of our servers is over and above the best practices level for the industry. For a month, on the average, we serve over 12 gig in data. Huge by any measure and very much now a full blown news website.


The domain names,, and are registered and owned by us.

Using legal means, we have succesfully protected our domains and will continue to protect these at all times.

The TVLANKA name was registered long before any TV station used these names. As such we are the rightful owners of all these names.

If you are interested in any of these domains please contact us. is not connected or associated with any other web sites that have similar names to ours.

We are in no way connected with any TV broadcaster.

Our Domain name is a registered